Mega Package of ready-made lessons

Do holiday lessons mainly conjure up images of children’s drawings, crosswords, rebuses, word searches, and a long list of words that we mostly only use once a year?
Do you get goosebumps at the thought of boring texts about the understated history of Thanksgiving or unchanging Christmas traditions that have been the same for years, while Valentine’s Day variations with words like “love, heart, kiss” make you nauseous?
Do you believe that you can’t conduct engaging holiday lessons with adult learners beyond level A2?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, let us, along with our Mega Package, dispel these misconceptions and make you and your students fall in love with holiday lessons together.


What exactly is the Mega Package?

This is a collection of 9 sets of ready-made interactive holiday lessons designed for advanced learners. Suitable for conversation classes with youth aged 16+ and adults at levels B1-C2.

Each set includes:
  1. A colorful ebook with AK and teacher’s tips.
  2. Printer-friendly worksheets for students.
  3. Taboo game in two sizes (mini and large) for both in-person and online classes.

All materials are provided in PDF format.

Ad.1 You will receive the ebook in a PDF presentation format (16:9) for convenient display on a monitor or interactive board. Completing all tasks from one ebook typically takes 90-120 minutes.
Ad.2 For online classes, send the worksheets to the students in advance [we provide them in A4 format]. There’s no need to print the ebook. For in-person classes, we recommend using an interactive board to display it.
Ad.3 You can also use the Taboo cards as flashcards to introduce new vocabulary or as a variation of story cubes. Each student draws 5 cards and creates a short story in which they must use all the keywords (for added difficulty, you can require the use of at least 5 taboo words from all the cards). In online classes, you can number the cards, and students draw them by providing 5 digits/numbers.


In creating these materials, we avoid repetitive tasks and aim to provide you with fresh ideas and new inspiration. Our sets will diversify and enrich your lessons. There’s no room for mechanically filling in blanks with the correct verb form. We have carefully prepared tasks that stimulate thinking and fully engage students in active participation. You will provide your students with interesting conversation topics, advanced vocabulary, the opportunity to develop all language skills, and enhance the lessons with the Taboo game.


🦇 Halloween – advise a group of friends on who they should dress up as to impress the rest at a party; help an old witch scold them when they choose entirely impractical costumes; watch a clip from Modern Family in which Phil surprises with a meticulously planned prank and discuss Halloween jokes – yea or nay?; talk about fear using advanced vocabulary; create daily collocations (e.g., faded jeans, a chipped tooth, a flat bat, dented car door, etc.) and share experiences on the topic of “decay and bad conditions.” Finally, write your own version of “Stormy night.”

🔥 Guy Fawkes Night [Flipped lesson] – uncover the true story of the Gunpowder Plot and discover who was the real “mastermind” behind this operation and who was merely the “scapegoat.” Through discussion, you will reinforce advanced vocabulary (e.g., vague, a cache, a hoax, with bated breath) and the second and third conditional forms. You’ll learn about homophones and master the correct pronunciation of everyday words. Establish safety rules for setting off fireworks and kindling bonfires. Explore the English names for torture tools that were used on prisoners not too long ago and can now be encountered while touring nearly every castle. Additionally, history enthusiasts will have the opportunity to shine in engaging debates discussing Guido and… Che Guevara. What could these two possibly have in common?

🦃Thanksgiving & 💲 Black Friday – discover surprising facts about Thanksgiving together, decode the foolproof recipe for American pumpkin pie, take a quiz to uncover your money personality, and conclude with a lively discussion on the connection between money and happiness, which you’ll later present in an essay.

❄️ Winter Wonderland & 🎅 Christmas – immerse yourselves in various winter landscapes, discuss art, and the emotions it evokes in you. Finally, settle once and for all when to use the -ED ending and when to use -ING in adjectives, learn advanced adjectives and winter idioms, and listen to how art can be described. And since this is a winter-holiday package, it won’t lack holiday accents. Practice listening comprehension and writing with our personalized exercise on Lyricstraining for a timeless holiday song, and also engage in a discussion about various holiday decoration styles.

🎆 New Year’s – discover surprising New Year traditions celebrated in countries around the world. Discuss the most common New Year’s resolutions we make and why we often abandon them after a few weeks. Learn the principles of effective goal setting and resolution execution, and engage in a conversation about your New Year’s goals using future tense constructions.

❤ Valentine’s Day – choose the perfect spot for a Valentine’s date for unique couples. Comment on Vanessa’s mishap during her Tinder date and share your own experiences. Take a look inside the jar with 14 date ideas and rate which one is the worst. Listen to a non-love song and solve a quiz about the track. Finally, pair up and find out which movie you should watch together. Maybe you’ll discuss it in the next class?

🍀 Saint Patrick’s Day – learn more about the symbols, history, and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day by solving a trivia quiz, matching descriptions to symbols, and reading an article about the origin of this holiday. Explore 7 idioms with the word “luck” and reinforce them by answering discussion questions. Practice transformations with key words and enrich your vocabulary with word formation tasks. In your business English class, watch a video from The Economist about the reasons St. Patrick’s Day has gained popularity worldwide.

🐣 Easter – you will discuss the Polish tradition of blessing the Easter basket along with a recipe for delicious Polish babka. With adult learners, watch an episode of South Park and discuss the views presented in it. Engage in conversations about religious, pop-cultural, and stereotype-related topics concerning religion. Finally, students will practice presenting their arguments in an essay.
This is the only set that includes additional materials for children’s classes (they are also available for free in our store: Easter Basket DIY).

🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month – introduce your students to the world of the LGBTQ+ movement and queer community. Explore the stories of four queer celebrities and their impact in their respective fields. Develop language skills by using advanced personal pronouns during discussions. Dive into an interactive guide about TV programs that will prompt students to reflect on queer representation in media, art, and pop culture. Learn essential terms in the LGBTQIA+ discourse.

Buy the package now and save yourself the hassle of planning holiday lessons 🙂

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In the mega package, you’ll get a single set for just under 30 PLN. That’s a 15% discount!

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